Big Shoe Emergency Fixes: How to Stop Slingback Shoes Sliding

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how to stop slingbacks from sliding big shoe emergencies We’ve scoped out some big shoe emergency fixes to stop slingback shoes sliding down our heels.

We love slingbacks for big feet. They are a super-flattering way to make large shoes appear smaller, but how annoying is it when your favorite pair of slingbacks constantly slide down your heel. Not only is it irritating, it can get dangerous walking on uneven surfaces and you can forget running for a taxi.
We know that it can be difficult to find a pair of slingbacks that fit perfectly especially if you don’t have a more pronounced curve to your heel where the strap can sit or if you have a narrow heel but sometimes the problem can be the shoe itself.

So before you hand over that pair of slingbacks to goodwill here are a few suggestions to try:

Get shoe inserts under the balls of your feet:
The inserts will help prevent your feet from sliding down toward the front of your shoes and away from the heel.
Try these:


Get More Grip at your heel
Use a product designed to give your sling backs added staying power.
We like Foot Petals Strappy Strips . They’re customizable invisible thin strips that adhere to the strap of your shoes and keep straps from falling down. They’re cushioned and so also perfect for sensitive heels as they will prevent shoes from rubbing against the heel, and also you don’t have to deal with putting any sticky adhesive goop directly on your skin.

Another product to try is Dr Scholl’s Party Feet slingback strips. These are clear gel strips which stick to your shoe strap. Being clear they are also a little more discreet, ad the invisible gel cushioning helps to prevent straps cutting into the heel.

Get down to your local shoe repair shop
Your shoes repair specialist will be able to craft a more permanent solution by shortening the shoe strap or even adding a buckle to make the strap more snug around your heel.

Big Shoe Emergency Don’ts for sliding slingbacks:

Don’t use double-sided fashion tape: Sure they may work, for a short while anyway, but the irritation to your heel can get as annoying as the sliding strap and the hard plastic against your heel can cause blisters.

Don’t try to keep sling backs that are worn or fraying. They’re just old and have gotta go.



Image used under Flickr creative commons from Lightsight.

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