Big Shoe Fashion Dilemmas Solved: Big Feet and Thick Ankles

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Celebrities with Big feet thick ankles

Cheryl Cole and Alicia Keys style queens purported to have thick ankles.

Looking for the best way to flatter your big feet and thick ankles? At Isy B. shoes, we’re totally all about learning to work with what we’ve got, and so we’ve put together a big shoe shopping cheat sheet for ankle-conscious women with larger feet who gathered from personal experience, conventional wisdom, and the shoe style secrets of some of the most switched on celebrity stylists. We say if you can’t shrink it, style it! 

Anyone can have thick ankles, even skinny girls like celebs Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys, although it seems that most celebrities have been cited as having so called “cankles” in the press at some point in their career. And then there’s the ridiculousness of cankles awareness month. Sorry? What?! Why?! On the one hand, we’re kind of like; what’s the big deal? There’s no use worrying about the things you can’t change. However, on the other hand, for women with big feet and thick ankles who want shoes to show your legs off in, your Isy B. team are rising to the challenge. Here are your tips.

Your Basic Rules for Styling thick ankles and big feet

• Keep it all in proportion
• Create the illusion of shape in your ankle
• Focus attention on the thinnest part of the ankle or away from your ankle altogether
• Elongate your legs

Big shoe styles to flatter big feet and thick ankles

• Choose a more substantial and structured shoe with a chunky or stacked heel in proportion with your ankle.Overly delicate or dainty shoes look disproportionate with thick ankles.

We love…

The Elizabeth

B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess 'Elizabeth' Wedge (Coral)
B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess ‘Elizabeth’ Wedge (Coral)
Click to find them up to women’s size 15. They come in wides too.
• Choose styles with accents and details towards the front of the shoe to draw the eye away from the ankle. A well placed accent also breaks up the overall size of a larger size shoe which is never a bad thing for bigger feet.

• Avoid high ankle straps like the plague as they draw too much attention to the ankles, but a Mary Jane shoe (with straps across the foot) can be flattering.

We love…

The Shelby

Gabriella Rocha – Shelby2 (Teal Patent)

Click to find them up to women’s size 13
• Pumps with heels that come straight down from the base of the shoe can give your ankles the illusion of shape according to UK celebrity stylists Trinny & Susannah.
• Sling backs with high sturdy heels elongate the leg and make the ankles appear slimmer, the attention is on the back of the ankle rather than at the front. Additionally, the cut out shape at the back of a slingback shoe also helps to make a long shoe look slightly less long.

We love…

The Sharina

Nine West – Sharina (Gold)

Click to find them up to women’s size 12
• A wedge heel gives good proportion to a thicker ankle. Women with big feet should look for a shapely wedge to reduce the overall mass of the shoe
• Low cut shoes with a shorter vamp will minimize the look of larger feet and because there is less leather covering the foot, they also help to draw the eye down the foot and away from a thick ankle.
• Calf boots or ankle boots rather than shoe booties. Shoe booties draw the eye to the ankle.
• Other shoe trends to avoid: Oxford loafers, gladiator sandals

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