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Solely Original

Solely Original
Everyday, Working, Evening, Prom, Bridal
Boots, Flats, Sandals, Heels
Custom made
Narrow, Wide, Medium
Pricey (Price range approx. $150 - $250)
International shipping
Custom design your own shoes in any size or width. Solely Original uses an innovative foot scanner on site to get the exact dimensions of your feet. If you can't get to them, Solely Original will send you a foot moulding kit which creates a model of your foot in the comfort of your own home. Once you send this back to them, they are able to make any shoe design to fit your exact foot measurements so no matter your shoe fit issues; high arches, flat feet, wide feet, narrow feet, bunions, they can create shoes that fit you perfectly.
  • morganae


    Holy Cow that\'s expensive! Why is this site listed at all? The site here is supposed to be for larger size shoes however they only go up to a size 9.5. This came up in a search for \"Size 16\" and \"Flats\" They have a system where you design the shoes to want and pay a LOT of money to do so, but you will get exactly what you want. The problem is that a site that is supposed to be for larger shoe sizes should not be pointing you to a shoe store for tiny feet.

    Could be better


    No way

    2015-11-05 01:19:56