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Everyday, Working, Evening, Prom, Bridal
Boots, Flats, Sandals, Heels
Cross Dressing & Transgender, Sexy & Exotic, Comfort, Foot Health
Narrow, Wide, Medium
Average (Price range approx. $50 - $150)
Amazon has a well-earned reputation for being the world's biggest marketplace but it might take a little while to sift through the thousands of offerings from the various online sellers. The ability to get firsthand feedback from other shoe buyers through Amazon's rating and review system helps alleviate some of the shoe buying uncertainty for women with big feet.

All shoes are described using U.S.A shoe sizes. Use our shoe size conversion chart for women with big feet to get the conversion for equivalent UK, Australian and European shoe sizes.
  • Felicity


    Amazon seems to be best for fantasy and fetish shoes. However finding normal shoes for a normal woman with larger size feet can get a little depressing. Not my first choice for shoes but hey, it maybe my taste is just too conservative! Also sizing can be a little tricky because each brand has its own sizing.




    2015-07-14 15:57:58