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Everyday, Working, Evening, Prom
Boots, Flats, Sandals, Heels
Cross Dressing & Transgender, Sexy & Exotic
Wide, Medium
Average (Price range approx. $50 - $150)
Translife shoes range from fantastical burlesque styles to more elegant conservative shoes and boots up to size 14. The vast catalog is well organised to help buyers easily find the styles and heel heights that best suits their mood.

All shoes are described using U.S.A shoe sizes. Use our shoe size conversion chart for women with big feet to get the conversion for equivalent UK, Australian and European shoe sizes.
  • morganae


    This site came up in a search for \"Size 16\" and \"Flats\". I am glad to report they have Size 16 shoes. I am sad to report that they do not have flats at all, the closest they have is a 2in heel. This is rediculous. I can\'t find a shoe my size and Isy B. Shoes has failed horribly. All it has done is send me to sites that do not carry flats, crossdresser sites that only carry ugly stripper shoes and shoes one would not wear outside the house for more than a few minutes. The heels are all really tall and uncomfortable, I know, I own some. The prices here are AMAZINGLY high. I could put my kids through Harvard with the same funds it would take to get 3 pairs of shoes.

    Could be better


    No way

    2015-11-05 01:26:25