Big Shoe Styling Do’s and Don’ts – Shoes for Big Feet Borrowed From the Boys

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Whether you’re a trend setting fashionista rocking the latest large size designer shoes or the girl next door doing your thing in cute shoes for big feet, there is no escaping the fact that the masculine shoe trend looks set to stick around for a little while. Cool and contemporary or quirky and vintage, the fashion pack has borrowed its favorite shoes this season from the boys.

For many women with big feet, this is nothing new. We’ve been borrowing our big shoes from the boys in some shape of form for like, forever, for some of us, it was the only way we’d ever find shoes that fit. Who can forget Converse sneakers or even Dr. Martens?! Don’t know about you, but we weren’t exactly overjoyed when this masculine trend started showing up in a big way in 2011. For us women with big feet shoes like these can be a wardrobe minefield especially if you want to keep it chic and stylish rather than looking like you’ve just escaped from the circus with clown shoes. Here is our big shoe styling do’s and don’ts for girls rocking masculine shoes for big feet.

How to Style Large Size Women’s Oxford Shoes

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Oxfords, brogues, call them what you will, never has a trend caused such confusion here. On the one hand the trend could be considered a God-send because it’s one where women with big feet can borrow from the boys but on the other hand on big feet shoes like these could look a little clownish if styled inappropriately.


  • Pair with a cute mini dress and add a boy-ish twist to your super-girlie ensemble or go all out with cool androgynous style with rolled at the ankle skinny jeans and a blazer.
  • Go for Oxfords with a more oval shaped toe and streamline cut as these would be the most flattering in bigger shoe sizes. A chunky shape will make your big feet look chunky.
  • Show off your ankles, it helps to feminize the masculinity of the shoe


Don’t: Even think about it if you have wide calves and ankles, and/or short legs as they make your calves even wider and will shorten your legs.


Our Favorite Oxford Shoes for Big Feet
Miz Mooz 'Triumph' Heel (Brown)

Miz Mooz ‘Triumph’ Heel (Brown)

Click to buy (up to Ladies size 14)

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How to Style Large Size Smoking Slippers

More masculine than the classic ballet pump, but easier to wear than the oxford without the laces and tassels. The smoking slipper was designed for the comfort of the dapper old school playboys and cads (think Hugh Hefner with cigar in hand!), and the indulgent feel has been carried through in large size designer shoes. The question is how to best style these shoes for big feet.


  • Try fun colors and patterns to add a little playfulness to what could be a very conservative style. Use them to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral toned outfit.
  • Wear them with skinny jeans and slim capri style pants. The streamlined shape of the smoking slipper is more forgiving than the oxfords.
  • Find a pair with studs or a cap toes on the shoes for added charm. The embellishments help visually minimize the size of big shoes.

Don’t: Wear these with boot cut pants because then you really will look like you’re wearing bedroom slippers with pants!


Our Favorite Smoking Slippers for Big Feet

Jeffrey Campbell 'Martini' Flat (Beige)

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Martini’ Flat (Beige)
Click to buy (Up to ladies size 14)

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How to Style Large Size Loafers

No longer for preserve of librarians, geeks, or granddads, the humble loafer is back in the fashion spotlight. Loafers are even more flattering shoes for big feet than the oxfords, and the smoking slipper because of the slightly shorter vamp (the part of the shoe that covers the top of your foot). On big feet shoes with a shorter vamp are more flattering because there is less leather covering the foot giving the shoe the appearance of having less mass.


  • Take them to the office, they look great worn with a pant suit and the conservative styling tones down a shorter skirt at the office.
  • Wear them with wide legged pants for a chic, comfortable look. The ideal pant length is a hem that finishes midway your loafer’s heel.
  • Try them with a mini dress and a pair of tights
  • Make a statement with your loafers with bright colors and patterns.
  • Play up the retro vibe with cropped pants and a pair of retro sunglasses.

Don’t: Wear them with a maxi dress the way you might with ballet flats. It just looks horrible.

Our Favorite Loafers for Big Feet

Nine West – Eyepopper (Red)

Click here to buy (Up to ladies size 12)

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Don’t be afraid to add a new twist to big feet shoes with the masculine shoe trend. Here’s the chance to forever exorcise the memory of wearing men’s shoes by making them look super-chic on your big feet.

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