Big Shoe Trends for 2013 – The Guide to Rocking the Runway Shoes for Women with Big Feet

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Ladies, 2013 is almost upon us and we’ve been scoping the runway for the big shoe trends we’ll be wearing next year. Given the challenges of finding cute shoes for women with big feet, we say it’s never too early to keep an eye out for the key trend pieces that will take us through the year. Check out the big shoes and boots trends that will be rocking our world in 2013.

The designers sent some gorgeous trends down the runway for 2013 with some exciting new themes but also, thankfully for our wallets, a number of our favorite 2012 big shoe trends that just won’t quit. Fans of flats and low-heeled shoes can breathe a sigh of relief as those trends looks set to continue, and platform heels look set to make a return. But ladies, one note of caution before you dive in and begin to amp up your big shoe collection: While there are many incredible trends for 2013, as style savvy women with big feet know, just because it’s trendy, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will translate well into big shoes and boots styles so the house rules for picking the best styles to flatter larger feet still apply. Refresh your memory for 2013 and check out how to make your pretty big shoes appear smaller. Let’s break down the top trends in shoes for women with big feet.


Big Shoe trend: Futuristic Chic


Many designers (DVF, Givenchy, and Manolo Blahnik to name a few) took a page straight out of Lady Gaga’s playbook and went for what we can only describe as eclectic, space-age designs. While these styles aren’t for every day (or everyone), they can be spot on for a night out and for grabbing the spotlight!


Future shoe design Mojito Heels from Julian Hakes

We have our eye on the most amazing designer in this space- age category. British architect-turned-shoe-designer Julian Hakes, winner of the Drapers Awards in 2012 who, in re-imaging the conventional idea of women’s footwear has created what we all agree is the most unusual and covet-able space-age style shoe we’ve seen so we had to investigate further.

While the largest size shoes his first collection cater to size 10 or up to size 11 feet at a push, the designer is keen to expand the collection later in 2013 to be able offer custom made styles in any size! We’ve been fantasizing about adding a pair of these amazing shoes to our big shoe collection. Yes, we know custom large size designer shoes come with a large size designer price tag, but these gorgeous works of art are so worth dreaming about!


Big Shoe trend: Sexy Menswear 

Sexy menswear Fratelli Rossetti 2013 image courtesy of

Yes, we’re still hanging with the boys! Especially the sexy menswear inspired loafers and trouser shoes (shown by Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham) that have stolen the ballet flats thunder.

The key is to stick with oval toe shapes as these keep the menswear style flats a touch more feminine and are the most flattering toe shape on big feet. Going for the pointy toe versions of this trend, recently seen on the ever divine Beyonce, makes for a long shoe which will only elongate your long feet further.

A little added texture or an embellishment like on the Fratelli Rossetti loafers keeps the look pretty and breezy. Check out our article on mens shoe trends for girls for more on this look.




Big Shoe Trend: Mixed materials

Mixed materials Aperlai image courtesy of

The natural successor to the color block trend we love so much, after a mild flirtation with mixed materials in 2012, the designers are going all in this season with 2, 3, or even 4 different materials used on each shoe. We love this sandal from French house Aperlai’s Spring Summer 2013 collection.  Even with, count it, 4 different materials and textures on the shoe, animal print leather, rich blue suede, black patent leather and metal studs, it does not look overdone.

The mixed material trend is great news for shoes for women with big feet. The different patterns and textures help to break up the line of larger size shoes on the foot making them all the more flattering for larger feet.




Big shoe trend – Return of the Roman Empire

Tom Ford 2013 knee-high gladiators 2013


Roman gladiators are making a comeback and we aren’t talking about the hunky half-dressed types. We’re talking the sexy, strappy sandals.You’ll see them at different heights too all the way to knee length.

Caution: Although knee high versions look cute on celebs like Mary Kate and Ashley and Anne Hathaway who nailed the trend so amazingly at the Les Miserables premiere in the Tom Ford 2013 knee-high gladiators pictured. In the real world, we think that the roman sandal trend would work better for large shoe sizes no higher than our ankles, otherwise we risk looking a little too costume-y. In choosing the most flattering styles of these strappy shoes for women with big feet it’s best to avoid overly wide straps, slimmer straps are more flattering, and some height in the heel makes the sandal sexier in big sizes.






Big shoe trend: Embroidered Details

Embroidered booties Isa Tapia image courtesy of

Shoes take on a whimsical twist with pretty and often unusual embroidery adorning pumps, sandals and boots alike. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Rupert Sanderson used embroidery as a subtle accent on the shoe but some designers went further using embroidery tapestry-style across the entire shoe for a more folksy charm. We think the trend is beautifully carried by the Isa Tapia booties shown.

On large size shoes embroidered details are not only great for adding visual interest but they do so in a delicate way without adding extra bulk to an already large shoe.



Big shoe trend: Sheer Drama

Sheer drama Nichola Kirkwood image courtesy of


In their big shoe collections for 2013, designers went sheer, incorporating sheer media like edgy mesh materials, fine lace-like cut-outs and pretty and very girly lace into their shoes for a peek-a-boo see-through sexiness that is so flattering for larger size feet. You can make it even more so by choosing a sheer shoe which allows a little skin to show underneath the lace or mesh.

The other reason we love the sheer trend on long shoes is that the sheer materials give a feeling of lightness and delicateness to big shoes that can be difficult to achieve with solid leather, and literally makes you look (and feel) like you are walking on air.




Big shoe color trends for 2013

Emerald green shoes images coutesy of

There is a balance, softness and sophistication to the colors we’re seeing for 2013. Our favorite nude-like tones remain prevalent and are joined with soft greys and scrumptious chocolate browns.

Taking center stage though according to the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013 will be rich blue tones and a dazzling emerald green, the official pantone color of 2013.

Meanwhile, 2012’s vibrant oranges and coral tones have given way to a softer prettier and very flattering version of orange tinged with pink christened nectarine by Pantone and found on shoes by Roberto Cavalli and Charlotte Olympia.

Let your inner Carrie come out to play when you splurge a pair of large size designer shoes! Get tips for shopping the mainstream shoe designers that make shoes in larger sizes in our guide to shopping designer celebrity shoes for women with big feet . Did you know Jimmy Choo designs up to shoe size 13?!

For those of us with a slightly less than Sex in the City budget, never fear, we’ll be looking to our favorite big shoe brands to incorporate the new  trends we love into their collections throughout 2013 for a year filled with more fab choices on Isy B. shoes of the prettiest shoes for women with big feet!


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