Color Theory: How to choose a nail polish color to flatter big feet

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How to choose nail varnish to flatter big feet

How to pick the perfect nail polish to flatter big feet. Image credit:

Never underestimate the difference the choice of nail polish color can make on big feet. Nail varnish color subtly changes the appearance of your feet – and everyone knows that pretty polished toes can make a difference to how you feel. Though you can totally rock any nail color that catches your fancy, most nail experts agree that there’s a shade of every nail color that works best to flatter each skin tone, and will flatter generously sized feet the most.

Once you understand how to choose the shades that work for you, you’ll have so many more options. Our guide for picking nail polish to flatter big feet will show you how.

Show off your big feet

Go for drama and show off big feet and a big personality with brights, or get a little edgy with dark and metallic toe nail colors. The more dramatic the color, the more attention it will draw to your feet. The first rule of picking a nail varnish color to flatter big feet is to make sure that your feet and toes are in good condition, a regular pedicure is a must, whether you go for a professional pedicure or choose to look after your feet at home. Check out the Isy B. tips for the perfect at home pedicure.

Make your big feet less noticeable

To keep feet unobtrusive, paint them in a neutral color that is close to your nail color, with a hint of pink for natural healthy shine. Sheer nail varnishes are also easier to maintain, and if you are not obsessive about maintaining your nail colors they can be a god-send because you can get away with wearing them for longer as peeling and nicks are less obvious. Sheer pearlescent polishes are a fun way to wear nudes and the classic French, when done well, never goes out of style.

Color theory

Light nail varnishes elongate the look of your toes, whereas darker or brighter colors can make them look shorter. This is why darker nail varnishes can be used to make big feet appear smaller. Personally, I love the clean look of lighter colors which make my big feet look a little more elegant.

Picking a nail color tends to be psychological for most women. Depending on your mood, the colors you are most drawn to at any given moment change. Practicality also has something to do with it. Are you the type of gal who religiously maintains her nail varnish a few times a week and so feel more drawn experiment with colors?

Match it, clash it, or blend it with the L'Oreal color genius app.

Match it, clash it, or blend it with the L’Oreal color genius app.


Nail varnish trends change with the seasons and with a virtual rainbow of hot color trends every year and it’s fun and relatively budget friendly to rock the nail color trends each season.

We love the L’Oreal Colour Genuis App from iTunes which comes highly recommended by nail technicians. Take a photo of an item of clothing you plan to wear, and color genius will recommend L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche shades to match, clash, or blend with your outfit for day or night.





Understanding your skin tone to pick the best shade
Your skin tone will determine the shade of any color that looks best on your big feet, whether you’re drawn to choose a bright, or a dark. For example, there are thousands of shades of red polish out there, and even if you think you can’t wear red, there is a shade out there that is perfect for your skin tone.

A rough guide to figuring out which category of skin tone you fall into when it comes to picking toe nail color is to get two shades of red, one tomato red which has more yellow tones in it, and one cherry red which has more blue tones in it. If you’re unsure about picking the reds, ask a good professional pedicurist to help you pick. Paint one foot in the tomato red, and the other in the cherry red. You’ll be able to see immediately which is more flattering on your feet regardless of the color of your skin (enlist some outside votes again if you can’t tell). If it’s the tomato red, then you have more yellow in your skin tone, and if the cherry red, then you have more blue in your skin tone.

Yellow undertones: Choose orange based colors; brights and darks like coral or chocolate tend to be the most flattering on your feet.
Blue undertones: Choose blue based colors; brights and darks like fuchsia and deep reds and violet tend be the most flattering on your feet.


Don’t be afraid to experiment

  • 1. Consult with a good pedicurist and explain what you’re looking for before committing to a color. They will have the experience to recommend certain colors.
  • 2. User the testers at the beauty counter to try on lots of different colors bearing in mind your skin undertones above. Color each nail fully and thickly to get a good idea of what the color will really look like after a couple of coats.
  • 3. Change up your color with the seasons or with the occasion or just ‘cos it’s a Wednesday!
  • 4. Try the same shade of nail polish in a matte or pearlescent finish for a subtly different look

There you have it girls. Get your polish on and put your best foot forward.

P.s. Check out the recently launched Victoria Secret collection of nail polishes. They’re super cute.

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