Confident in your big shoes – The New Rules For Getting Your Big Feet Groove On

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Isy B. shoes new rules for big feet confidence

Ladies, it’s time for us to get our big feet confidence on. There are so many women who wear a larger shoe size out there who are the perfect examples of confidence and grace, from the iconic, to the super-successful, to everyday girls like us, who have found their big feet confidence. There’s no longer any excuse! 

If you want to be in our gang, you gotta play by the rules, so here are the Isy B. shoes house rules for getting your confidence on in your big shoes.

The Big Feet Confidence Rules

1. Give yourself a break.So what if you’ve been blessed with big feet? People come in all shapes and sizes from girls with small toes to girls with big feet. Does it really mean anything in the greater scheme of things? Really?

Large shoe size celebrity Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet – Photo by Roobee

2. Look at your feet from a new perspective. We know from where you’re standing you may think your feet look enormous. Someone else looking at your feet from a different perspective in the context of you as a whole person can generally not tell you have large feet. For example have you ever noticed Kate Winslet’s big feet? Exactly! She’s a petite 5’6 with size 11 feet but you could never tell.

3. Comfort is key to how you feel. Choose shoes that fit comfortably when you can, you’ll feel more confident if you’re not wincing in pain with every step you take. Also comfortable shoes minimize bruises and help prevent misshapen feet long term.

4. Learn what looks good on your big feet and you will be able to navigate the shoe trends with ease and confidence, and you’ll also add to your collection of beautiful big shoes every season.

5. Be brave and don’t be afraid to wear the shoes you love, if you feel amazing in a pair of shoes, the likelihood is that you’ll look amazing, and the confidence that comes from knowing you looking fantastic is, literally, priceless.

6. Give your feet some TLC: A pedicure or foot massage will not only make your feet look and feel great, but you’ll end up with the kind of feet you’d be proud to show off. They are important to the long term health of your feet, and key to having feet that look good in any big shoe style. Can’t get it done professionally? No problem. Check out how to make your big feet pretty.

As the saying goes, successful women can still have their feet on the ground, they just wear better BIG shoes!

Do you have any big feet confidence rules to add to the rule book? Tell us now!

See how other girls with big feet like you have found their confidence.

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