How to make your pretty big shoes appear smaller

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A common consideration for many of us blessed with big feet is how to make the shoes we wear appear smaller, less noticeable, and sometimes even a little bit sexy. How to make your larger size shoes appear smaller

We thought we knew all the tips and tricks, but in speaking with several stylish friends and acquaintances with larger feet while researching this topic we’ve blown away by the ingenuity and resourcefulness we’ve found out there.

It’s a given that you can’t actually make big feet smaller. However there are a few tricks that we’ve come across that can help with the ILLUSION! Basically, as with every question to do with style, making your big feet look smaller is a question of balance and proportion.

Grab your wand and get ready to work some magic.

Note: These tips should help if you want to minimise how large your feet appear, but can also serve as a guide to picking the most flattering styles. For the genuinely self conscious among us, do always remember that your feet seem bigger to you than they probably do to others, so be proud and remember that every woman at every size can be stylish. Work with what you’ve got.


Dark Shades

Wearing shoes in darker shades will make your feet appear less massive than the same shoe in a lighter shade (although white is the one exception to this). This doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with black or brown, darker shades of any colour you choose will also have the same minimising effect.
The same idea works with nail varnish. Seriously! A darker nail varnish will make your toe nails look smaller and this can help with making your feet seem smaller.


Shoe Embellishments

Shoes with details such as bows, buckles, ribbons, or other ornaments do a fab job at helping feet appear smaller. Make sure that the accent size looks proportional to the size of the shoe, and keep the accent on the front or to the side of the shoe rather than on the back as this could serve to elongate the foot visually.


Strappy Shoes – The Debate

There’s a bit of a debate about this one. The less material you have on your feet, generally the smaller they will look. The straps break up the feet. However… there seems to be an accepted caveat with this one. Too many straps, or too wide a strap then the shoes will make your feet look bigger. Look for more delicate straps that cross your feet at an angle, not horizontally across.


Heels Are Your Friend

Adding a heel to your shoe can give the effect of a shorter foot. This is because the angle of your foot in the shoe makes physical distance from toe to heel shorter when measured on a flat surface. Any additional height higher than a completely flat shoe will work.

However there is a fine line to be drawn here. You have to evaluate at the size of the heel against the shoe. If the heel makes the shoe look big visually, your feet are going to look big in it.
Try a low kitten heel instead of flats. Also a skinny wedge heel that becomes narrower towards the base makes the shoe look visually smaller.


Look for openings

A shoe with an opening closer to your toes will make your feet look smaller than a shoe with an opening closer to the front of your leg. The shorter the vamp of your shoe (This is the length from the toe tip to the throat of the shoe i.e. the part that covers the top of your foot.) the smaller your feet will look.

So for example a well cut ballerina style or a peep toe will make your feet look smaller than a loafer style because they expose more of the top of your foot.


Toe shape

Rounded toes or a gently rounded point (oval shape) will make feet look smaller. Avoid overly pointed toe shapes as these will make your feet look longer, and they tend to be uncomfortable anyway! If you go for a peep toe, make sure that the peep is big enough that you can see a couple of toes.


Sexy Sling Backs

A sling back style can give the impression that your foot is shorter because of the absence of leather at the heel. Additionally the line of the sling back shoe draws the eye gently upwards to the ankle rather than horizontally along the length of the foot.


Go for Multi-Color or Multi -Texture

Shoes that are multi-colored, patterned, or multi-textured tends to make your feet look shorter because the mix of colours, and textures can help to break up the line of the shoe and make it look smaller.


If you feel good, you’ll look good. Style is 50% a matter of attitude. We’re all built differently and have bits of our bodies we wish were different. While we may not be able to change them, we can certainly learn to flatter what we’ve got… pair of shoes at a time.

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3 thoughts on “How to make your pretty big shoes appear smaller

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  3. Slingbacks are horrible for women with big feet. I have tried slings left and right only to find out that they made my feet look huge with the back of my feet hanging out the back of the shoe only being held in place by a strap. Its as if the shoe manufacturers decide that it is better to only have to make half of the shoe and leave a piece of scrap for the other half-the strap. Leaving the heel and ankle exposed is the last thing I want as a large footed woman. I avoid slings like dirty public restrooms. In my opinion they are all unflattering unless you have small, feminine feet. I prefer wedges!

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