How to Measure Shoe Size

What you’ll need

  • A piece of paper larger than your foot;
  • a pencil;
  • and a measuring tape

How to measure your shoe size at home image


Foot length

Tape the piece of paper to the floor against a flat wall and stand on it, bearing weight onto your foot (as shown).  Make a mark on the paper behind your heel, and one in front of your longest toe – this could be your first, second, or third toe.

Measure the longest distance from your heel and toe in centimetres or inches for both feet and note the measurement of the longer foot. Finally refer to our shoe size conversion chart for larger feet to estimate your correct shoe size.

  • To ensure an accurate reading when measuring, flatten your foot by shifting your weight forward.
  • If your measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size.
  • Be sure to measure both feet. Many people have feet of different sizes. Fit to the larger of the two.
  • Fit yourself at a similar time as when you will be wearing the footwear. For daily footwear, fit yourself when you’ve been on your feet all day because your feet have expanded.

Foot width

Now, make a mark next to the joints where your first and fifth toe join your foot, for most people this is usually the widest part of the foot. Again do it for both feet and take the widest measurement.

In all our research we have been unable to discover a consistent shoe width chart that was reliable for all the girls we measured. There are inconsistencies with exact width measurements across different styles and brands, so our online shoe buying tip is to measure your feet and confirming exact measurements with the retailer before purchase.

Our shoe width guide gives an indication of the widths symbols you can expect to see most commonly used.

Shoe width guide

Country Narrow Standard / Medium Wide Ultra/Extra Wide

If the shoe fits… wear it!

Once you master the art of measuring your feet and matching them to the shoes you want to buy, you can feel more comfortable about shoe shopping online and increase the possibilities for feeding your shoe addiction by joining the jet-set shoe shoppers.

Remember, every shoe fits differently. Being shoe size savvy will help guide you in selecting the correct shoe size.