How to Walk In High Heels Like You Were Born In Them

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How to walk in high heel shoes Most women have never really learned how to walk in high heels properly, especially tall women with big feet who may have been late bloomers when it came to stepping out in stilettos.

From the time you put on your first pair, however high they were, you learned like everyone else to balance as best you could, albeit shakily, bear the pain, and keep marching forward. The result?  Shuffling feet with too much weight being borne on the ball of the foot which throws the body off-balance and makes for a painful high heel experience.

We could all benefit from lessons in walking in high heels– yes, even runway models (remember Naomi Campbell’s famous catwalk tumble?). Happily the secret to looking good in high heels, also happens to be the secret to being comfortable in them. It’s all in the walk.

Step-by-step guide to stiletto Swagger for Women with Big Feet

According to Victor Chu, former Hilfiger shoe designer and one of the creators of the Legworks training dvd; LEGWORK How to Walk in High Heels / The Secret to Sexy High Heel Walking, looking good in high heels is easy if you follow these simple steps:
1. Stand up tall and straight, as if you are being pulled by a string from the top of your head

2. Tighten your abdominal muscles by pulling your belly button in towards your spine. This will cause the weight to shift back to your heels

3.  Walk deliberately with a heel to toe motion, not on the ball of your foot

4.  Sway hips slightly to help shift weight to heels

We’ve found 2 fantastic video tutorials that break down the walk into simple bite-sized pieces.

High heel boot camp – ABC News

How to walk in high heel stilettos – Legwork

Other Seriously Great High Heel Tips We’ve Found

How high is too high?:

Take this test. Stand on the floor in your heels with your knees straight, but not locked and  raise yourself up on tiptoes so there’s at least an inch of space under the heels. If you can’t do this then it’s possible that your heels are too high to be appropriate.

Practice. Practice Practice:

Practice wearing new heels shoes at home over a few days for 15-30 minutes at a time giving your feet time to rest in between before taking them to the streets.

Focus your eyes in the distance when you walk:

Avoid looking down at your feet as this will cause a weight shift, and instability and a hunched posture that just looks bad. Just remember to be aware of the surface you’re walking on.

Take shorter steps:

The higher your heel, the shorter your steps need to be.  Don’t try to keep the same stride length you use in your ballet pumps.

Carry a spare:

To minimize the amount of time spent wearing your high heels, especially if you are doing lots of walking and for emergencies when your body sends you an SOS. Rollable flats are genius for this. Check out our article on rollable flats for women with big feet.

Be kind to your feet afterwards:

Try this DIY foot massage once you take the shoe off to loosen tight foot muscles and release foot pressure. Roll a tennis ball under your foot while sitting and watching Sex and the City re-runs.

Get on a platform:   

Styles with a slight platform tend to be more comfortable and minimize the angle and pressure on the ball of the foot. A 4-inch shoe is really only a 3-inch heel on a 1-inch platform.

Get into training:

Classes in jazz, burlesque and pole dancing are a fun way to practice moving seductively and with the correct posture in high heel shoes. They also work your core to strengthen your abdominal muscles and make it easier to maintain balance and posture while walking in high heels.

Fake It Till You Make it:

One of the reasons some women look so sexy walking in the highest of heels is confidence. So whatever the heel height hold your head up, get your swagger on, put your big feet forward and SMILE.

And that’s how you walk in high heels shoes!

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