Gorgeous Large Size Wedge Heels from Barefoot Tess Resort Collection

Larger size wedge heel shoes barefoot tessWe absolutely adore these new wedge heels in large sizes from the Barefoot Tess resort collection. How would we not?! The ultimate happy shoes, they add a little tropical flavor to your big feet and you can’t help but smile just by looking at them. The prints, neon accents, and platform heels are also right on the money with this Spring’s runway trends. The wedge heels are available from women’s size 11 up to women’s size 15.

For women with big feet privileged enough to be able to jet off to tropical locations during the purgatory of freezing winters, this collection of large size wedge heels from Barefoot Tess is literally a God send for your vacation wardrobe. The colors make them fun and most importantly of all versatile enough to work with a minimal wardrobe. If you’re not going anywhere, hell, bag yourself a pair to cheer yourself up anyway and show your big feet some love. These gorgeous wedges will carry you effortlessly through this spring and summer.
Barefoot Tess does it again, keeping women with big feet one step ahead in the style stakes. These large size wedges from Barefoot Tess are hot, hot, hot. Get them while they’re in stock.

The Cozumel Wedge

Snake skin heels with tropical candy colors with a dash of neon has us wishing we were down Mexico way. Also available in white.

Click to find them in size 11 and up to women’s size 15 at Barefoot Tess


The Belize Wedge

A pretty playful neon patent wedge with heel support. You’ll be dancing the night away in these beauties. Available in neon yellow, white, and neon blue.

Click to find them in size 11 and up to women’s size 15 at Barefoot Tess


The Montego

Love the woven detail on the heel and the woven print on the platform which takes the classic everyday wedge up a notch. Also available in black.

Click to find them in size 11 and up to women’s size 15 at Barefoot Tess.

Yes ladies, we’re definitely dreaming of poolside pina coladas in these gorgeous large size wedge heels from Barefoot Tess.

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