How to Look Amazing at Any Party – Work your Big Shoe Collection

Big shoes make the outfit! That’s just one of our shoe mottos here at Isy B. Shoes among others (there’s a long list of ‘em) and at this time of the year, it’s one that’s even more important for us to remember. You can carry off pretty much any outfit if you’re sporting some rocking shoes AND you feel confident that your big beautiful shoes are rocking! What’s in your big shoe collection? Are you confident you own shoes for large feet women of any size would covet?

Let’s get you ready for your close-up.

Most of us have a party or two or three to grace with our presence this season, sometimes it seems that each comes with as different and as vague a dress code as the party organizers can think of. A vague dress code like “Hollywood chic” or “Festive fun” sounds great until you actually come to try to dress for it and find that it’s totally open to interpretation. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to wear, or worse taking a gamble and embarrassingly being the only guest wearing the festive Rudolph sweater grandma thought would be so fun for you last year. This is where your big shoes come in to save the day.

Kick Wardrobe Panic to the Curb with Your Big Shoe Collection

Here’s the key secret that most of us forget in our wardrobe panic. This season, every party, no matter how outlandish the dress code (unless it is a costume party) will fit into one category and it’s a cinch for every woman with large feet to be party-ready with a shoe collection that cleverly covers every eventuality. Please allow us to demonstrate from formal to casual and in-between.

Big and Beautiful Shoes for Formal Parties or Black Tie Events:

This is a chance for your big shoe collection to have its red carpet moment. Think Oscars, think BAFTAs, by all means go all-out. Keep it understated and even classic for sophisticated style or take a risk and go for fashion drama just make sure it looks good. Formal long gowns or even a more dressy shorter length dress, but remember the shorter the dress the less formal you’ll look.

Go for luxe and maximum glamour with metallics, sparkles, satins, and jewel tones.


Dyeables Leah – Champagne GlitterFind them up to Ladies size 12Badgley Mischka Salsa Pump, PurpleFind them up to Ladies size 11Lava Shoes Flo – Gold Glitter Find them up to Ladies size 12


Big and Beautiful Shoes for Cocktail Parties or Semi-Formal Parties:

Get ready to get your big shoe style on. The easy option is to let your cute dresses come out to play (Helloooo Little Black Dress!), and as any dress length goes (except perhaps a full-on maxi-dress. Save it for the warmer months). Alternatively, dressier separates in good quality fabric will also work. Your heels should be the highest you can wear to show off those gams while remaining comfortable on your big feet.

Be funky, and let your shoes make a statement or do classic and elegant to match your mood.

Nine West – Amuse (Black/Black Fabric)

Find them up to Ladies size 12
 Samanta Women’s Cathy Platform Pump,Cinza
Find them up to Ladies size 14
 Enzo Angiolini Women’s Takeko2 Pump
Find them up to Ladies size 11



Big and Beautiful Shoes for  Business Casual Parties or Semi-Casual Parties:

A prettier version of something you could wear to work, and then on to a bar without feeling out of place at either. Separates can sometimes be the easiest go-to option here. If you’re going to take the denim route then tread carefully, choose darker denim and pair it with heels and some kind of structured top or jacket. Being elegant and a little more traditionally smart is more important than knocking their socks off in your amazing big shoes but you can still have some fun with it.


DV by Dolce Vita 'Millie' Loafer (Navy)

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Millie’ Loafer (Navy)

Find them up to Ladies size 13
Vigotti – Unger (Black Patent)

Find them up to Ladies size 13
Fitzwell – Lorelei Maryjane Pump (Red Patent)

Find them up to size 14


Big Beautiful Shoes for Casual Parties

It’s easy to avoid a fashion faux pas with this deceptively simple category if you bear in mind the style of the party hosts. Does casual for them mean a 4 inch heel instead of 6? Or does it mean a pair of Ugg boots and juicy couture ensemble à la Jersey Shore? If they are usually more dressed up than down them make sure your outfit mirrors the same. Cute jeans always welcome. This is one party where boots, and comfortable flats like your favorite ballet pumps, or smoking slipper with some tights, would work.

80%20 'Clyde' Ankle Boot (Navy) Steve Madden 'Tailor' Flat (Gold Glitter)

80%20 ‘Clyde’ Ankle Boot (Navy)

Find them up to Ladies size 15

Earthies – Syriana (Dark Grey) – Footwear

Find them up to Ladies size 12

Steve Madden ‘Tailor’ Flat (Gold Glitter)

Find them up to size 14


Ladies, if in doubt, look to your big shoe collection to help you knock it out of the park. Build yourself a collection of beautiful shoes for large feet women of any size would crave.



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