New Year, New You, New Shoe Organization

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Take a Tip from Design Your Life Blogspot and Re Work Your Shoe Closet

Well this is it folks! The New Year is upon us, and the cold, harsh reality of January begins. For many in the Northern hemisphere this is climatic, for others, financial, after the holiday overspends. And for many, many others it’s dietary, after some serious over-indulgence.

The good news is that January is a great month for clearing out, cleaning up, and creating clarity, and what better way to start the New Year off with a bang, than with cleaning out your shoe closet and taking stock of your big shoe collection. Here at Isy B Shoes we find it cathartic and cleansing to get the year started with a clean out and re-organization of our big shoes and boots in order to make planning outfits and purchases a smoother process as the year goes on .

Here’s 4 Great Ways to Make Sure Your Big Shoe Collection is Ready for a Wonderful 2013.

1) Clean Up

We all know our shoe closets get a little ruffled looking throughout the year – for those of us with really big shoe collections this can actually get out of control. A love of shoes, does not necessarily translate to a love of shoe closet order, and you will be doing yourself and your shoes a favour if you make sure you closet is ship shape this new year.

Not only does a badly organised closet mean shoes are impossible to find at a moment’s notice, but if your shoes are – shock horror! – piled on top of each other, they are probably getting damaged as well. Which reduces their life-expectancy overall, and definitely their appearance of smartness. Make a commitment this year to organize your big shoe collection properly with closet stackers, shoe boxes or even cardboard boxes to make sure that your lovely footwear, gets organized and stays that way.

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2) A Stitch in Time

While you’re organizing you shoes make sure you check them all over for damage. A worn heel, loose buckle, or strap that’s about to snap might not seem like a big deal now, but it’s better to take preventative action, before you slip running for a cab, break your ankle when your strap fails, or lose your buckle and have to limp home.

Make sure your shoes are in tip-top condition, and then you’re free as a bird to wear them all without fear, or without thinking: “I’ll just see if I can get away with one more outing before these break”. By fixing your shoes ahead of time you’re also preventing the damage getting worse, and your shoes will thank you for it.

3) Clear Out

It breaks all our hearts saying goodbye to shoes we have loved, or that have served us well. But if you’re going to make the break, now’s a good time. As you go through your closet keep an eye out for shoes that have seen better days, and are beyond repair, or hideously out of fashion. No matter how much you love ’em, if you haven’t worn them in a couple of year’s it’s time to say goodbye. Goodwill or charity shops may be glad of them if they’re still in decent condition, otherwise it’s the trash can. Either way, you’ll be freeing up space in your closet, and clearing emotional space for new fabulous shoes to enter your life.

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4) Plan and Strategize

As you take stock of your closet, it can be a really good time to figure out what’s missing in your big shoe collection, and which outfits might benefit from new shoes. This can help you plan your purchases over the coming months, so that you end up with shoes you really need and which will broaden your outfit choices, rather than another pair of impulse purchase pumps which don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe.

This kind of planning also means you’ve pre-identified shoes your wardrobe could do with, so you can take your time finding them, and when you see the perfect pair you’ll know they’re a sensible and excellent purchase.

All-in-all January is the time to take stock of everything in your life, and shoes are no different. If you think it’s just not that important to organize your shoes, Feng Shui experts would disagree. Try it and see. We guarantee you’ll feel lighter, cleaner and more organized, and at the very least you’ll save time in the mornings looking for the right shoe.

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