Nicole Kidman Rocks Size 11 Shoes in Jimmy Choo AW2013 Campaign

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nicole shoe size 11 choosOscar winner Nicole Kidman shows the world a thing or two about how to rock size 11 shoes in the recently launched Jimmy Choo AW2013 campaign.

As a style icon for women with big feet, her partnership with the Jimmy Choo brand was surely made in heaven. We’ve always adored Jimmy Choo for (a) creating iconic designer shoes that are more comfortable than most and (b) for creating his gorgeous shoes in larger sizes. We fell in love with him all over again with the launch of the new AW2013 collection staring no other than our in-house favorite, size 11 big shoe hero, Nicole Kidman.

Her trademark blonde locks have been replaced with a sultry just rolled out of bed bob for a femme fatale Hitchcock chic that few mortals could pull off but she does it with the elegance and grace the world has come to expect from her. Choo shoes are among the few couture shoes that will consistently fit up to a true shoe size 12 because they tend to be generously proportioned, and happily the larger sizes are relatively easy to come by.


Nicole Kidman Rocking Size 11 shoes in Jimmy Choo AW2013

nicole kidman jimmy choo size 11 shoes

jimmy choo nicole kidman szie 11 pumps

nicole kidman shoe size 11 boots


Where to buy discount Jimmy Choo shoes in Larger Sizes

Okay, as much as we love those Choos, we also have to be realistic about paying the rent, but a girl can dream can’t she? And one day, if we’re very very very good, the shoe fairy might just happen to oblige and drop a pair in our laps. In the mean time though if you can stretch to it why not bag yourself a discount?

Can we just caveat this beforehand; you have to be a constant visitor to these sites if you’re on the hunt for a bargain, the large sizes get snapped up fast!



More large sizes and greater choice than anywhere else we’ve found on line, and the discounts can get crazy good.
$30 Off $150 or more on first time orders at Ends 07.31.13.


The Outnet

You can expect up to 45% off at The Outnet and a few pretty party heels in large sizes at most times.


Shop Style


A Diva-like solution if you really really must have the Choos.

Get yourself to Jimmy Choo Couture where you can have bespoke shoes made, which, of course, will fit perfectly. First a custom mold would have to be made of your foot (an expensive process), and then the cost of special ordering a new shoe in your size will be the shoe cost of the shoe plus an added percentage. As we’ve said you would have to really really REALLY want those Choos.

All images from Jimmy Choo.

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