Nicole Kidman’s Shoe Style Secrets

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Nicole Kidman shoe styleOscar-winning Actress Nicole Kidman has some serious big shoe style. Always cool and elegant she is a queen of the red carpet, and shows us all how to pull off imposing height and big feet — like the superstars we are, obviously.

What makes her a big favourite here at Isy B. is not just that she has big talent, big style and big size 11 feet, it’s that like us she had to work for her confidence. Nicknamed ‘stalky’ at school , she had a stutter as a child, and never thought she could be a successful actress because her 5’11” height would make her taller than most leading men. To this day, Kidman says she is very shy, and only in her forties beginning to feel more confident. To look back at pictures of Kidman strutting her stuff, you could never tell that she is not 100% confident, and that’s why she is such a great style inspiration.

Her style is classic, and tailored long and lean to suit her willowy figure. Often in couture for big occasions, her choices are more old Hollywood than edgy starlet (although she was spotted in up and coming designer Prabal Gurung’s shoes recently), and her shoe choices follow this pattern, frequently wearing Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Jimmy Choo. Such pricey brands are beyond the means of most of us, but there are a few big shoe tips we can all use:


Nicole Kidman shoe styleNo matter what style of shoe Nicole Kidman wears, high heels, flats or boots, on- or off-duty, they are always sleek and styled as part of the outfit as a whole, rather than as stand-out pieces. By combining carefully chosen understated pieces that work together, she highlights the detailing of an outfit — usually on the top half of her body— and creates a polished overall impression.


Nicole Kidman shoe styleThe key to copying this look is working with proportions. On the red carpet, Kidman often goes for quite short top halves, such as evening dresses with short bodices, or vintage styled skirt suits with quite cropped jackets and long pencil skirts to add curves to her tall, slender figure and highlight the length of her legs. To this she adds either pointy-toe pumps cut low at the front, or sandals that come high up the foot. The low-cut pointy toe pumps have the effect of lengthening the leg by leading the eye downwards in an outfit with a knee-length or shorter hemline, while the high cut sandals create a block of interest that balances out a shorter top half to an outfit.


Nicole Kidman shoe styleFamously, Nicole Kidman said to Letterman in her first interview after her divorce from Tom Cruise, “At least now I can wear heels.” Taller than both Cruise and her second husband, Keith Urban, she is now more often seen in heels for public appearances than not.

The heels Kidman goes for tend to be quite delicate and feminine, and whether they are skyscraper stilettos or cute kitten heels, they usually have slender heels. As she said herself while promoting the Jimmy Choo cruise 2014 collection, “There’s something about feminine shoes. It’s the luxury, it’s the femininity, and the attention to detail. You can put a lot of work into your dress, but if you really have the right shoe and bag you feel great.”

So there you have it from the style icon herself — shoes make an outfit! We love Nicole Kidman’s shoe style, but who are your shoe style icons? Let us know in the comments below.

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