Our favorite places to buy stylish shoes for women with big feet

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shoes for women with big feet

A couple of weeks ago we were listed in the Huffington Post as one of THE places to find stylish shoes for women with big feet. We were more than a little bit proud to have our efforts recognized, and so you might have seen it mentioned on our social media streams a few times since then. ☺ Now that the dust has settled, it has got us thinking about which are OUR absolute favorite places to find large size shoes with style.

So here goes, our current top places to buy super stylish shoes in big sizes:

The fast fashion: Payless (to size 13)

For fast fashion shoes that are the perfect finishing touch for your outfit — without breaking the bank — Payless are a pretty good bet. With their fantastic range of colors and styles they are a great place to try out a new style or trend without risking a bad case of buyer’s regret. We particularly love the Cristian Siriano designer collection for super affordable runway style.

Christian Siriano Payless

For reliable choice: Nordstrom (to size 14)

I doubt there are very few style conscious big footed gals in the States who haven’t at some point thought ‘thank God for Nordstrom’. Their extended size shoe shopping can be a lifesaver, particularly online, with interesting new international designers and brands arriving every season.

Klub Nico laser cut sandal Nordstrom

For quality: Sensational Soles (Exclusively 11-14)

Founded to fill a large shoe-sized gap in the market for good quality shoes at reasonable prices, Sensational Soles are doing a great job of bringing high-end production values to large size footwear, and all at a mid-range price point. We are huge fans of their collection, which offers hugely wearable designs that look fantastic on the foot.

Sensational Soles Donna black and snake sandal

For designer flair: Jimmy Choo (to size 13)

This was a hotly argued category at Isy B. Shoes HQ, with Stuart Weitzman’s beautiful Nudist sandals making our top designer brand a tough choice (Me: His Nudists are really impractical! Isy: And….? Me: Oh yeah, good point.) But in the end, Jimmy Choo’s sexy style won the day. Beautiful, glossy and lust-worthy, these are shoes worth saving for.

Jimmy Choo black and champagne mirror leather sandals

For plus-size pizzazz: Torrid (to size 13 WW)

Time and again Torrid bring out beautiful shoes in large and wide sizes that are not only stylish, they fit well. As the proud possessor of wide feet myself, I have found these guys to be invaluable for making wide sizes of hard-to-find-the-right-fit styles, such as sandals and d’orsay pumps.

Torrid wedge sandal

The bespoke: Soley Original

This one is a new discovery for us, and what a discovery! As with other makers of the affordable bespoke kind, you design your shoe yourself online or in store from a good selection of designs and materials. What sets Solely Original apart is that they take a 3D mold of your foot (sent to you as a sock through the post), which is used to create your perfectly fitted pair of shoes. Say goodbye to shoe sizes!

Solely Original bespoke shoes
Now, these are our favorite places to buy stylish shoes for women with big feet, but what are yours? We are ALWAYS wanting to hear about our fellow large feet ladies’ favorite stores, so have your say in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Our favorite places to buy stylish shoes for women with big feet

  1. I did love Sole Society. I must have bought a dozen pairs from them over the past year. Sadly, they seem to be phasing out their size 12 selections. They have not offered any new styles in size 12 in a very long time, and the stock of 12s is dwindling.

    I have also ordered two pairs from Shoes of Prey. The shoes are nice, but a bit pricey for the quality. I would advise anyone ordering from them to request color swatches before placing your order. The colors can look very different on your computer monitor. What looked like navy suede on my computer turned out to be electic blue when my shoes arrived! I decided to keep them anyway. Their customer service is very good.

    • akocontent August 2, 2015 at 7:22 am - Reply Author

      Thanks for the info Michelle. It’s always a shame when a stylish brand gives up on producing large sizes before they have had a chance for everyone to find them. Thanks also for the top Shoes of Prey tip!

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