Sensational Soles; Affordable Luxury in Larger Shoe Sizes

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sensational soles launch affordable luxury in larger shoe sizesOnce upon a time, there was a little (tall) girl with very big feet who asked her fairy godmother for lovely luxurious shoes in her size, that she could actually afford…. and her fairy godmother looked at her in some confusion and said, “Darling, haven’t you heard about Sensational Soles?”

Sensational Soles has recently launched its new online store offering designer-quality shoes exclusively for women with big feet in US shoe sizes 11 – 14. The shoes have been carefully designed to ensure that they look good on larger feet – you won’t find super-pointy toes or puny-looking embellishments here.

Established by founder, Lisa Taylor, who wears a size 13, her aim is to design stylish shoes that any woman would be proud to wear, while creating a resource for every woman who leaves a larger footprint.

Every aspect of the shoes has been designed with the needs of larger feet firmly in mind. The heels have been specially engineered at the optimal height to remain proportional to the shoe, while remaining at a flattering —but ankle-saving— 3.75 inches; and further reinforced with a steel shank to keep you on your feet comfortably for longer.

We love that each shoe has been designed, made and tested on a sample size 12, unlike many shoe manufacturers who design for a smaller size and then elongate for larger shoe sizes. This can cause the shoes to look disproportionately massive – we call it “the long boat effect”. Think of all those ginormous shoes that you’ve stared at in horrified fascination languishing unloved in the large size shoes sales racks.

They are using quality materials too. Expect 100% full grain leather, and high quality satin or suede uppers, with some styles even featuring Italian leather soles. This is what you would expect from the mainstream luxury shoe designers, however, unbelievably, prices start at less than $100. We. Love.

Rebekah George, celeb stylist and style Ambassador for the brand, is a fan of the timeless classics and high-quality wardrobe staples Sensational Soles provides for women who wear larger shoe sizes, and we’re fast becoming big fans too.

Sensational Soles is offering the Isy B. shoes community a massive 25% off any shoes bought during the month of February. Get in on the big shoe deal ladies! Your exclusive code is ISYB.

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