Shoes of Prey Shoes Arriving at Nordstrom’s Shoe Department

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shoes of prey arrive at NordstromsGood news for women with big feet! We’ve just heard on the shoe grapevine that Shoes of Prey is bringing online custom shoe design for women with large feet to Nordstrom in the US!

According to the news report on BRW, Shoes of Prey will be opening outlet concessions at six Nordstrom stores across the USA in Seattle, Washington, California, New Jersey and Illinois. The first to launch this month. The unique concept will allow customers to design their dream shoes up to shoe size 15 and choose heel height, materials, width, and fabric.

Jodie Fox, founder of Shoes of Prey announced; beige and gold shoes of prey pumps

“We think Shoes of Prey will be a great resource for Nordstrom customers who wear either very small or very large, hard-to-find sizes since Shoes of Prey carries sizes 2.5 to 15.”

At Isy B. Shoes, we are huge fans of Nordstrom for actually caring enough about women with big feet to carry lovely shoes in bigger sizes. This collaboration just confirms Nordstrom’s place in our hearts #weheartnordstrom.

“We’re always looking for the best merchandise and experiences for our customers and we know there is ­something special about finding just the right pair of shoes,” says Scott Meden, Nordstrom’s General Merchandise Manager for Black leopard print pumpshoes.

Shoes of Prey may  well also establish stand-alone stores in the US in the near future, and we’re officially excited to have more Shoes of Prey in our lives.

If you’ve never designed your own shoes before, then you’re in for a treat. Imagine being able to create your dream pair of heels or flats, the exact way that you want them? Check out our tips on designing your dream shoes. Also, check out some other online destinations for designing your custom shoes in larger sizes.

It’s official Shoes of Prey is coming to a Nordstroms near you! Well…if you live in Seattle, Washington, California, New Jersey or Illinois.

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