Where to shop for serious party shoes this Christmas

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where to shop for party shoes in large sizes this christmasOur hunt has begun for the perfect party shoes for the holiday season. It’s easy to get frustrated searching for a style that you like, and then trying to find your size. Sometimes it feels like Christmas is over before it’s even begun! Our short shopping cheat-sheet is a no-nonsense pocket guide to help you on the hunt.






nordstrom party shoes black steve madden



The All-rounder


A wide selection of elegant shoes from a broad range of designers and a cross section of price ranges. The search function is easy to use and helps to narrow down your selection quickly. Nordstrom also tends to have decent sales and offers year round. A definite go-to on the hunt.

Shoes available to size 14, but in reality, party shoes stop at size 13.

Guiseppe Zanotti sandals





All Out Glamour

Guiseppe Zanotti

Guiseppe Zanotti makes our inner-goddesses weep with joy. When you need to be red-carpet ready and budget is not even a passing consideration. Head over here. The only annoyance is that not all shoes are available to size 12 and when they are, they tend to sell out fast. A little known secret is that you can custom order shoes.

Shoes available up to size 12.

stuart weitzman nudist sandals





Wides & Narrows in Large Sizes

Stuart Weitzman

You have to give kudos to the man who invented the nudist shoe. Seriously, every celeb seems to won a pair, and they go with everything. Why we like Stuart Weitzman? The shoes will work if you have narrow or wide large feet. I know many women with wide feet who swear by the fit.
Shoes available up to size 12

DSW Diane Von Furstenberg





Designer Bargains


You never know what you’ll find lurking in the DSW shelves and that’s part of the fun. The other part of the fun is getting designer shoes at up to 60% off.

Shoes available up to size 13

payless black lace peep toe pumps





Babe on a Serious Budget


You cannot beat Payless when it comes to finding the biggest bargains in large size party shoes. Okay, so the materials used means that the shoes may not last until next Christmas, but at those prices, well frankly…do you want to go to the ball or not Cinderella?

Shoes available up to size 13

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