Shopping for Wide Calf Boots for Women with Big Feet

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Having big calves AND big feet makes shopping for large size boots that little bit more interesting. Thankfully being able to head online to find the perfect extended calf boots in big sizes makes life so much easier than the gamble of trailing through malls and department stores trying to find a pair of wide calf boots which will fit.

At least at home you can try on as many boots (on the comfort of your own sofa) as it takes to find the perfect size. To make big boot shopping even easier for you, we’ve narrowed down some of the best online shoe stores to help you find wider calf widths on larger size boots. We’ve also looked at some of the brands that consistently cater to the need for extended widths in calf sizes in larger sizes.

Best Online Shoe Stores for Women with Big Calves and Big Feet Offers 4 custom calf sizes for its large size boots from wide calf boots in size 12 with a circumference of 18.25inches to super plus wide calf boots in size 13 with circumference of 24.75 inches. Makes boot shopping in big sizes a little easier because you can search by boot circumference and shoe size, and they carry many of the brands that offer wide width calf boots in bigger sizes.

Payless ShoeSource©: Affordable boots in larger sizes with a small selection of extended calf boots

Torrid: Wide calf boots up to size 13 with shaft circumferences up to 20 inches in the wide width calf sizes.

Best Wide Calf Boot Brands for Women with Big Calves and Big Feet

These brands deserved a special mention for their larger size boots with big calf widths. The good news is that many of the brands can be found at which offers free shipping and returns, so you can try the boots out till you find the perfect pair.

Buy at Zappos.comGabrielle Rocha – Available up to size 12
Life Stride – Available up to size 11
Annie – Available up to shoe size 13
Lumiani – Wide and extra wide calf sizes up to size 13
Naturalizer – Available up to size 12
Ros Hommerson – Available up to size 13
Type Z – Available up to shoe size 13

Leg Room Boots – A specialist brand for wider calf boots up to size 11
Silhouettes Boots – A specialist brand for wider calf boots

Custom-made Wide Calf Boots for Women with Big Calves and Big Feet

Of course anything custom made is always going to cost a little more, but if you are frustrated with having struggled to find the perfect big boots for your big calves then it might be worth the splurge. Make sure you are happy with the return policy before venturing your hard-earned cash.

Duoboots: Duo custom make boots in up to 21 calf sizes, and are experts in tailoring boots to fit all shapes and sizes up to size 12. These are gorgeous high quality boots with prices to match with pricier styles in excess of $400.
Ayla Boots: A US based wide calf boot specialist who will custom make big boots to fit your specifications if you tell them your size. The average price for a pair of these boots in about $200


Tips for choosing big boots to fit big calves 

Check the return policy: If you can, use retailers that offer free shipping both ways if you’re not satisfied with the fit. The circumference of each boot style can differ within each brand and you may need to try on a few pairs to see which big calf boots work best for you.

Check the materials:
• Go for larger size boot styles that have elasticated panels integrated into the design of the boot
• Go for boot styles made of stretchy materials
• Go for boots with a side zipper
• Go for boot styles that have a buckle adjustment at the calf
• Boots that narrow slightly at the ankle give a more streamlined and sculpted look to your legs

Check the boot circumference and shaft height:
Measure your calves and compare with what is shown. Check out the Isy B. guide to boot sizing here to make sure you have the correct numbers.

Check the reviews: The shoe reviews will usually give you the low down on whether the boot is true to size. Where the boots have no reviews, contact the retailer and ask directly.

Go forth and shop ladies! Shopping for beautiful big boots for women with big feet and big calves has never been easier. Know some other stores and brands we should add to our list? Tell us about it!

Got boots, but they don’t fit? Check out the Isy B. guide to stretching boots to fit here.

To search out our big size shoe brands and store database for boots up to size 16, click here.

Feature image credit Runner Bull under creative commons.

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