The Isy B Guide to Boot Fitting for Ladies with Large Feet

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Big and beautiful boots for ladies with large feetFor women with big feet finding beautiful big boots that fit can be one of life’s challenges. More complex than shoe shopping for big size shoes, boots present extra challenges as factors such as calf width and the boot’s tightness around the ankles have to be considered as well as the standard issues for women with big feet, such as how long the boot makes your foot appear. 

Here at Isy B Shoes we know how difficult it can be, and we recommend that you take the time and energy to choose boots that fit you really well and are really comfortable. If you manage to find the perfect pair you’ll be friends for life. On the flip side if you don’t take the care necessary when choosing your boots you may regret spending the money as they may be uncomfortable or hard to wear.

As a side note, while fashions come and go with boots, you can bet that a classic style of good leather boots will last you a long time and so it’s worth investing the time and money to find the right pair…your fall and winter wardrobe will thank you.

Here’s our Guide to Help You Find Your Perfectly Fitting Boots


1) Measure your feet


Seriously, the amount of people walking around with the wrong size shoes on, it’s ridiculous. Spending time to measure your feet will give you your correct size and width. If you need help doing this check out this post on how to measure your feet. Remember to measure at the end of the day when feet tend to be a bit bigger from swelling, and measure both feet as they are usually different, then use the larger measurement.

2) Measure the fattest part of your calf

Many boot manufacturers nowadays will give the circumference of the shaft of the boot. Which is really handy if you happen to have large or small calves. If you have small calves check out our post for women with large feet and small calves. Or if you are a larger-calved lady then look for boots with built in elastication to fit your curvy calves.

3) When you put the boots on pay attention to how they fit your foot

Boots should fit somewhat snugly around the widest part of your foot which stops them slipping forward and putting pressure on your toes. The widest part of your foot should also be sitting on the widest part of the boot’s sole…if it’s not then the fit’s not right.

4) Check the stitching around the sole

The stitching should be visible all around the outside of the sole. If your toes make the leather bulge out then again your boots don’t fit and this is an indicator you may need a longer size.
Following these instructions and investing wisely in large size boots which fit you well will be the best decision you ever make. Once a great fitting pair of big boots are in your wardrobe they’ll become a staple, and you’ll love wearing them. If you want to shop big size boots then click here.

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  1. Great article IsyB-it’s always so difficult to find knee high boots that fit my calves. I always end up taking them to the cobbler to take them in!

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