The low block heeled sandals trend that looks great on big feet

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Low block heeled sandals

Sandals can be tricky on big feet. Too flat and they make your feet look huge, too much of a heel and you don’t want to be wearing them all day. Happily, this year fashion has the answer to this annual style conundrum — low block heeled sandals.

They have been on the runways for about a year now. Prada did a version for SS14 where the block heel was way back on the sole, which would make big feet look even longer. The style has now filtered down to Planet Earth, and there are some really wearable versions around in large sizes.

The best thing about low block heeled sandals for large feet is that they lift the foot just enough to flatter and so from above, the foot looks shorter. They do this while still being comfortable enough to wear for a day of sightseeing. In fact, the slight lift from a pair of low heels is better for your arches than slapping your feet down on flat sandals with no support all day.

‘Podiatrist-friendly fashion favorites. What’s the catch?‘ I hear you say. Well, they are blocky. This means you can’t just throw them on with anything and it look right. Put them on with capri length cargo pants and you won’t be doing your new sandals justice. To get them right, you need to style them in quite a feminine way.

My favorite way to style them is to think Jackie O., who also had large feet (she was 5’ 7’’ tall and had size 10.5 feet). One of her signature looks was fitted capri pants with a sleeveless shirt and sandals. It strikes that sweet spot between grown up tailoring and relaxed casual and is unfailingly chic.

For a more modern look, then low block heeled sandals look fantastic with shorts or a short length skirt. They make the outfit smarter than just wearing flat sandals or flip flops, and are a more edgy alternative to wedges. Just add a loose casual top and a small cross body purse and you are done.

Here’s a selection of low block heeled sandals available in large sizes:

low block heeled sandals

Shoesissima low block heeled sandal. Available sizes 11-14. $117.40

Low block heeled sandal

Stuart Weitzman low block heeled sandal. Available to size 12. $385 (some colorways currently have 50% off)


low block heeled sandal leopard

Halogen low block heeled sandal. Available to size 12. $89.95

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