Walk Proud: Get Big Feet Ready for Spring Sandals

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Big feet ready for Spring SandalsIt’s that time of year again and the countdown is on to get our big feet ready for spring.

If you’re anything like us, you may have had a slight slip in the foot care regime during the cold winter months. Easy enough to do while booties, boots and closed toe shoes keep the old tooties so well hidden from public view. However, with spring comes responsibilities ladies! Especially if you plan on wearing barely-there sandal styles like the revealing single strap ankle strap sandals that are everywhere this season.

The count down is on to getting your big feet ready, and we’re right here to guide you through the count-down foot beauty routines that you can start now to make sure that come the sunshine, you will be stepping out with pride.

Your Routines to Get Big Feet Ready for Spring Sandals



  • Apply moisturizer to your feet (and legs) as soon as you come out of the shower while they are still damp, but not wet. This one simple act will retain moisture in your skin, and keep it supple.
  • Keep heel balm by your bedside and apply to not just your heel but also to any cracked skin on the under side of your feet every night before your go to bed. It works like a dream and you can see the cracked skin visibly improve after only a few days.



  • Slough off dead skin and calluses with a file or pumice. Don’t try to do it all at once. Little and often is best because filing too often can actually leave you more prone to more calluses forming.
  • Give yourself the gift of a foot massage whether it’s a DIY job, or you get some other person (you lucky thing you!) to do it for you, a foot massage is great for improving circulation in your feet. Throw in a spot of reflexology on your foot pressure points to continue to transmit the benefits to the rest of your body.
  • Keep your toe nails file smooth and even. Do your feet a favor and invest in a glass nail file.  Traditional emery boards can rip into your toe nails weakening them and causing them to break. However a glass file will give a smooth straight line without damage to the nails.
  • Deeply condition feet with a foot masque for intensive moisturizing, gentle exfoliation and baby soft skin. Get even deeper with a night time moisturizing treatment. Before bed time, slather on a good foot lotion, don’t be afraid to pile it on, and then slip your feet into a pair of thick cosy cotton gym socks. In the morning rinse off the lotion and voila! Super touchably soft feet.



Get a pedicure. If you don’t have the time or the cash to get your feet pampered by the pros, do it yourself at home. Check out our guide to make your big feet pretty at home, you can get a great looking pedicure makes your feet look lovely and polished in no time, and with inexpensive ingredients you may already have in your home.


One Step at A Time

Ladies, do even one thing on the list regularly and you’ll be glad you did. Not sure where to start? Here’s a great article on pretty feet beauty products from Red Magazine. Fashion has dictated that this is the year of sexy feet, and you’ll be walking proud once you get your big feet ready for spring sandals.



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