Wearable Art Coming Soon to Our Big Shoe Collection – The Mojito Shoe

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Shoes as wearble art – The Mojito from Julian Hakes

Ladies with big feet, here’s a little something for us to drool over! We can guarantee that you’ve never worn shoes quite like the Mojito from British architect-turned-shoe designer Julian Hakes. Winner of the 2012 Drapers and just perfect for the Spring 2013 futuristic shoe trend but with a unique shape that transcends fashion as we know it, the Mojito has become a collectors’ item and we have our eyes on a pair for our big shoe collection.

The worldwide excitement and anticipation caused by these shoes since their inception has been unprecedented. Early images of the sculptural shoe concept, first shown in design blog dezeen in 2009, immediately went viral and the shoes continue to create shoe lust in the hearts of shoe lovers like us!

Isy B shoes Nude Mojito Shoe

Anyone for a Mojito in the nude?

The Mojito shoe curves beautifully around your foot in one continuous ribbon, removing the traditional foot bed that most people would expect to find in a shoe, instead relying on the arch of the foot to form a bridge between the supports for the ball of your foot and heel. In keeping with the futuristic concept, the elegant and very light shoes are made of carbon fiber on the outside and lined with leather for comfort on the inside.
I enjoyed catching up with Julian Hake, the shoe designer recently to investigate this fashion miracle further. Currently the designer’s shoe collection stops at a size 10 but we giggled as he said, “I wear men’s size 42 but I have tried the shoes on and the size 10’s fit on my feet. “ That means that I might be able to get my size 11 feet in a pair! However the most exciting news for ladies with big feet is that the designer revealed that he is keen to expand the range of his already big shoe collection later in 2013 to offer custom made shoes in any size! It looks like we might be able to get our wish after all.
And where did the name come from? According to the designer, we called it the ‘Mojito’ as it was rather like a twist of lime skin.
Well, we think that the Mojito, when it becomes available in big shoe sizes will be just perfect to get the party started on our big feet.

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